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Lend your money to business giants


Imagine Tony Tan Caktiong asking you to lend him P2,000 to help him open another Jollibee branch in front of your house.

Imagine John Gokongwei asking you to lend him P5,000 to help him buy another Cebu Pacific Airbus A330-300.

Imagine Henry Sy asking you to lend him P10,000 to help him build another gigantic SM mall.

How would you react?

Sounds crazy, right?

I guess you would laugh and tell these super rich guys, “Are you kidding me?!”

What if I tell you it’s possible? And that they have been doing it for a long time now.

Another word for investor is ‘lender’ to big businessmen.

You see, these visionary entrepreneurs will not stop growing their business empires.  When they want to expand their businesses or build a new one, they can ask help from ordinary people, like you and me, to raise enough funds.

How is that possible?

They sell shares of ownership to their companies, called stocks.  If you buy stocks of their companies, you become part owner or a shareholder of that particular company.

And the place where you can buy, as well as, sell stocks is called the stock market.

In other words, ‘ka-sosyo’ mo na sila sa mga negosyo nila.

Oo, magiging business partner mo si Henry Sy, ang may-ari ng SM o kaya si Tony Caktiong, ang may-ari ng Jollibee.

At dahil ka-sosyo ka nila, you can participate in the success or failure of their businesses.

So as part owner, paano ka ngayon kikita?

You can earn in two ways: through price appreciation and dividends. Read more about it here:  How To Earn In The Stock Market.

Sounds exciting and prideful, right?

So the next time these business tycoons come to you and ask you to lend him your money, what would you do?

You decide.

Interested in becoming an investor and in lending your money to business giants? Learn about more about it from my mentor here: Right Beliefs. Right Mindset. Right Strategy.

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